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GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!

Group shot of bakers You do not have to purchase a $500–$600 commercial waffle baker in order to offer waffles on your menu! SFP Food Products, Inc. will loan you one of our stainless steel commercial waffle bakers. We will even provide free maintenance on the waffle baker for you. All you have to do is purchase SFP waffle mix from your local SFP distributor.

Need more than one waffle baker? NO PROBLEM! We will loan you as many bakers as you need to handle your breakfast crowd as long you sell enough waffles to justify the bakers that you request.


What is the difference in Belgian Waffle bakers?

It depends if you are liable for the person operating your waffle bakers. All of them cook a waffle! The "S" series is built with a metal heat shield outside the heating elements. The metal heat shield is then surrounded by insulation to further reduce heat loss. The results benefit you by reducing the risk of burn injury, reducing heat loss (which helps you keep your kitchen area cooler), and using less electricity as the thermostat cycles less.


Nutrition Facts

One-Step Waffle Mix

Nutrition Facts
Egg & Butter Waffle Mix
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Complete Waffle Mix

I like the looks of the product, how can I order one (or more) for my restaurant?



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